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The Burn Formula is really helping me during radiation treatment. It works so well, I’ve encouraged several friends going through radiation treatment to try it.
— Tracy B. Minn.
Aahh! You know that gentle feeling of relief that comes at the end of the day when you can get your feet up. But wait! Neuropathy pain doesn’t just stop because you put your feet up. There is still that jabbing stabbing pain of sparking nerves. Even with drugs, the breakthrough pain happens on some days. I’ve tried many things with little or no help. Then a friend suggested Lost Remedy Neuropathy Cream. The first time I used it I felt a mild relief. I thought perhaps it was wishful thinking. I continued to use it daily. The result? Aahh! I look forward to the time of day when I rub this cream into my feet and feel the gentle, soothing relief. The continued use of this great product has allowed me to be on my feet more with less breakthrough pain and has dulled that breakthrough pain enough so I don’t need to take additional drugs. I suggest this product, the gentle soothing action of it may have you saying aahh as well. I truly hope so. It’s worth a try.
— Kathy, Mont.
I have had a better response to your Neuropathy Relief than any other topical product that I have tried. The pharmaceutical product taken by mouth prescribed by a pain doctor did nothing, and use of oils and creams before volunteering for your study, or pills purchased on the Internet ads didn’t do much either.
— Carol, Ala.
On a weekend getaway, my small dog was bit by a large dog. The bite punctured her ear. Once the bleeding stopped, we put First Aid Balm on it, once in the evening and again in the morning. Often dog bites can become infected, that was my primary concern. No infection, and it healed quickly. That’s when I became a believer and purchased some of my own!
It came in handy! I had a mosquito bite on my arm that I must have been scratching in my sleep. It was becoming quite red and just wouldn’t heal. I applied the first aid balm twice a day for two days. Healed!
Shortly thereafter, my daughter was bit by a dog while running! It was a nasty, bruised bite with two puncture holes. I took the First Aid Balm over immediately. The wounds did not get infected, and healed quite nicely!
— Debbie B., St. Louis Park, Minn.
My patient is a 59-year-old female recently diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. She began radiation treatment two weeks ago and the oncologist and radiologist are in awe of the fact that she does not even display a slight ‘sunburn’ after numerous sessions. This is a direct result of the salve she has been applying after every radiation treatment. To say the least she, the patient, is delighted and you now have a very satisfied customer.
— Dr. Michael D. Nelson, Wisc.
As a chronic pain sufferer for decades I’m always on the lookout for something that can help. I’m also quite skeptical since few things deliver on their promise. Lost Remedy’s Joint & Muscle Relief creme DOES deliver though. I’ve been using it for several months now for localized relief with some recurring problem areas. I recommend it. As a matter of fact, I’ve already got several family members and friends using it too. I’d also like to point out what a great experience I’ve had communicating with Lost Remedy. This is a business that takes it’s commitment to those they serve seriously
— Barry M. Twin Cites, MN
While chopping vegetables, I cut deeply into the end of my finger. It bled profusely and I couldn’t stop the flow. I probably needed stitches, but instead managed to slather on some First Aid Cream and covered the cut with a bandage. The next morning, the wound had sealed and already started to heal. Great stuff
— Mary J., Minneapolis, Minn.
We love the first aid balm. One daughter crashed on her bike and had bad road rash on her arm. I used the salve and bandages and 4 days later it was all almost gone. Another daughter had a head cold accompanied by some bad sores around and in her nose. Over-the-counter products did nothing but make it redder; no healing at all. After 2x per day of washing with warm clean washcloth and applying Lost Remedy salve with a q-tip...results in 2 days. The sores are almost all gone.
— Merry B., Bozeman, Mont.
In prepping for a shoulder surgery and dealing with massive amounts of pain, with no real help, I applied the joint and muscle cream. My shoulder pain and tension relaxed, and my mobility increased. All within about 30 minutes after application. I’m very excited to see how this will help with my surgery.
— Marissa S., Spokane, Wash.
[Since using the Renewal products] I’ve noticed that my skin has become a lot smoother, and the acne on my chin hasn’t been as noticeable.
— Molly V., Shakopee, Minn
My wife had a knee replacement about two months ago. I have been rubbing her leg daily to promote healing. After a few weeks doing this, I started to get elbow pain in both my arms. Now, before I start using Lost Remedy Joint and Muscle Relief on her leg, I first rub some on my elbows. It takes the pain away for several hours, and it also smells amazing. Thank you for making this product.
— Shannon W., Bozeman, Mont.
On June 18, I came back from Colorado so sunburnt that I couldn’t make facial expressions without it hurting to the point of tears. I applied Lost Remedy’s Burn Cream everyday to relieve pain and reduce scarring—when I woke up, around lunch time, and right before I went to sleep. By June 26, all my peeling was gone, and my skin was completely healed, with no scarring. I’m so thankful to have no scarring at all and be able to wear makeup again.
— Kallie N., Princeton, Minn.

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I’ve been using the burn cream on my daughter’s third-degree burns that she sustained falling into a fire on a family camping trip. The burns had been there for weeks and weren’t healing. I started using the cream, and three days later the red spots completely disappeared.The margins of the burn have shrunk considerably with continued use and the colouring of the skin has returned to normal much faster than usual. The cream is also very moisturising, which has really helped the tight, itchy feeling that was exacerbated by the burns being over joints. Our doctor was impressed with how well everything is healing. I LOVE this stuff and highly recommend it.
— Julie W., Adelaide, South Australia

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The joint and muscle relief cream is the only thing I have found that will reduce the swelling and ache that I sometimes get in my old wrist injury. I just use it at bedtime and in the morning my wrist is back to normal. It’s fantastic!
— Pamm D., Gallatin Gateway, Mont.
I had a deep cut on my knuckle that for over a week would not heal. When I tried the first aid balm, my cut was closed up within 48 hours.
— Shane C., Bozeman, Mont.
I’m not a fan of aging. One reason not to be a fan is crepey skin. When I use the Lost Remedy skin lotion, my old, crepey skin soaks it up and heaves a huge sigh of relief. It feels soothed, smoothed and revived. So this might have been a good product to have before I got old, and maybe crepey skin wouldn’t have happened. Love this stuff.
— Mary N., Minneapolis, Minn.
When the arthritis in my thumb flares up I find that the arthritis salve begins to work in 15 minutes and lasts for hours. It’s the greatest!
— John S., Bozeman, Mont.
Several years ago I underwent radiation treatment for my cancer and experienced horrible burning and blistering. About a year ago the cancer unfortunately returned and I have been undergoing extensive radiation treatments for the past several months. I have been using Lost Remedy burn formula throughout this treatment and I have experienced only minor pinkness. This stuff works great.
— Christine D., Bozeman, Mont.
I had a bone marrow transplant about 30 years ago. The effect of toxic amounts of chemotherapy and radiation has recently reared its ugly head. For the past two years, I have experienced chronic back, hip and leg pain, and my scoliosis adds to my pain. I’ve tried every over-the-counter cream, gel, patch, etc. but nothing lasted long enough to allow me a full night’s sleep. Same with the anti-inflammatory medications my physicians prescribed.

Recently, a friend gave me a jar of Lost Remedy’s Joint and Muscle Relief. I applied it before going to bed and felt instant relief but I was doubtful it would last through the night. When I woke up the next morning, I was amazed that I had slept through the night without pain! This product will always be at hand and I will highly recommend it to anyone with chronic pain.
— Elizabeth L., Savage, Minn.
I have been using the arthritis cream for the past couple of months when the arthritis in my thumbs acts up. I find it soothing, and it doesn’t take long after application for my thumbs to loosen up and feel relief. Great product!
— Patty C., Minneapolis, Minn.
I live in an arid climate that tends to magnify the unpleasant appearance of aging skin. I discovered Lost Remedy skin replenishing lotion and apply it every day to hydrate and soften my skin. The lotion is highly concentrated so it takes very little to get the job done. This 8 oz. jar lasts a long time. I love it.
— Karen J., Bozeman, Mont.
After a hot and sunny day on the river without my hat, I came home with probably the worst sunburn of my life. The combination of blazing sun and the river’s reflection left me looking like a ripe tomato. It hurt my face to even smile. I applied the burn formula twice before bed and by morning the pain was gone. It was amazing.
— John F., Bozeman, Mont.
A shoulder injury caused me a lot of nerve pain in my upper arm and hand. The muscle and joint cream was excellent for keeping my pain at bay. It had a great numbing effect, allowing me to keep working. Plus, in addition to working wonders for muscle pain, it has a pleasant smell.
— Chris N., Princeton, Minn.
I have occasional pain in my wrist and thumb joints. I have had great results with Lost Remedy’s Joint and Muscle Relief Cream. The pain goes away within about 20 minutes!
— Debbie T., Minneapolis, Minn.