CBD radiation treatment without the burn

You have breast cancer. A diagnosis no one wants to hear. But, in December 2013, that was my diagnosis. Surgery first, then radiation therapy. I knew how badly radiation burns the skin. I had no intention of suffering through that kind of pain on top of surgery. I also knew that aloe vera creams wouldn’t stop the burn, so I took matters into my own hands. I created a burn cream with cannabinoids (CBD) and essential oils.

Because I had been developing CBD-infused products for several years, I felt confident that I could create a cream that would allow me to complete the course of treatment relatively unscathed. I knew the importance of using pure, hemp-derived CBD oil in easing pain and protecting the skin and my first formula surpassed my expectations.

I completed the entire course of radiation with only minor pinkness. Since then I have refined and perfected this product to its current soothing and cooling consistency. This multipurpose burn cream can also help ease the pain of sunburn as well as other burns, offering immediate relief to the affected area.

Organic CBD health and beauty products

Lost Remedy is committed to sourcing pure, organic raw materials, free of pesticides, herbicides and other contaminants. Our goal is to provide products from the best that nature has to offer—the whole plant in its purest form.

As the positive feedback on these products continues, so does my commitment to producing new products for a range of issues. When we launched Lost Remedy website more than two years ago, we featured five products. We’ve since expanded our product line to 10, with more products pending.

If you would like Lost Remedy to address a condition, don’t hesitate to reach out with your suggestions. We welcome your feedback and hope you’ll stay tuned for new product releases.

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